Josh & Anand (Seattle, WA)
Clutch Douglass (Seattle, WA)
Secret Shoppers (Seattle, WA)
Strong Like Woman (Seattle, WA)
Glitterbang (Seattle, WA)
Jazzyspoon (Seattle, WA)
Werebearcat! (Seattle, WA)
Mattress (Portland, OR)
Little Fang (Seattle, WA)
Hair Envelope (Seattle, WA)
Magic Pink (Portland, OR)
Square Wail (Seattle, WA)
The Way We Were in 1989 (Seattle, WA)
"NW Electro" / November, 2011


Team Pegasus, is releasing their first in a biannual series of digital "mix tapes" available for FREE DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!!!

MixTape #1 (NW Electro) is a rollercoaster collection of songs,some previously unreleased, from some of seattle's electro pop rising stars featuring Glitterbang, Strong Like Woman, Secret Shoppers, Clutch Douglass (feat. Rachael Furguson of NighTrain), Little Fang (new project from singer songwriter Jen Wood - also of Postal Sevice fame), Hair Envelope, Werebearcat! and others. TP also reached out to fellow NW neighbors Mattress and Magic Pink from Portland, Or.

"Here in the NW there are so many bands doing really great shit. We just wanted to put some of our favorite tracks together to share with our friends and other bands... as a way to galvanize and support the underground electro community that's forming here in the pacific NW." says Team Pegasus guru Kelly Dale, aka KAPtN.AtAK (The Way We Were in 1989, Strong Like Woman).

The 16 tracks all fall within a loosely defined "electro" there is great variety represented on MixTape #1; from the 8bit GameBoy/DS wizardry of husband/wife duo Square Wail, to the euro pop/shoegazer bliss of Secret Shoppers...laid back chill wave from Josh & Anand and distorted bass guitar driven dance punk of the song "Portland" by Clutch Douglass, where lead singer Rachael Furguson (also of NighTrain) tells tale of her true life adventures in the Rose City with some of her girlfriends ..."I'm goin' to Portland without my boy friend, we're going to get drunk at that strip club next to Wendy's..." Gritty. Real. Makes you want to hop a train down south this weekend!

MixTape # 1 features new previously unreleased tracks by Josh & Anand, Strong Like Woman, Jazzyspoon, Square Wail, Werebearcat!, The Way We Were in 1989, Little Fang, Clutch Douglass and Hair Envelope. "It was such a crazy learning experiance pulling this compilation together and helping Team Pegasus get off the ground" Kelly says, "I really appreciate everyone's patience and support. This has been a vision of mine for couple of years now and it's so amazing to see it all finally come to fruition. I am a big fan of each of these bands. Especially my own." he adds with a smirk.


Friday November 18th
@ the White Rabbit (Fremont/Seattle WA)
TIME / COVER / 21+
Featuring: Strong Like Woman, Werebearcat!, Square Wail, The Way We Were in 1989, Hair Envelope and more!!!!
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" this anticipated mix provides a solid crash course in the local music scene for both rock and electronic lovers. Serving up a healthy combination of fast and slow, glitchy and smooth, and pretty and gritty, Team Pegasus is scene-conscious addition to your music library." - Kat @ SSG